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You are a retailer, you hold a fine grocery, a bakery, or any other shop, our products are made for you!

Away from the looks, at the turn of a path, on the roads of the Périgord Noir, we prepare for you in the greatest secret, one of the famous specialties of the region: the Petite Périgord Gold, delicious chocolate and cocoa covered walnuts and chocolate and cocoa covered walnuts.

We settled in the Dordogne in 1972 and since then we are committed to preparing Quality Products in the respect of a certain ethic. No ingredients from animal origin Products and no other vegetable fat than cocoa butter is used in the factory.

Our range of specialties is made of dried fruits as walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, and also prune, mango, grape ... as well as some others.

The Chocolate is divine, mellow, sensual, profound. Black, sumptuous, rewarding, powerful, dense, creamy, seductive, suggestive, rich, excessive, silky, soft, luxurious, celestial ...


Who we are

The Domaine de Béquignol is an artisanal company created in 1972 in Carlux, a small village in the Perigord Noir. Since that day, we have been committed to prepare products that are good, original and qualitative.

Domaine de Béquignol offers a wide range of Candy Of Chocolate pralines, based on dried fruits such as the Walnuts or the Hazelnut, or dried fruits like prunes or mangoes.

Implemented in Dordogne since 1972, Domaine de Béquignol is specialized in the transformation of walnuts, then transposed its know-how in chocolate/confectionery in 1980.

Domaine de Béquignol is today an samll company of 6 to 12 people, led by Claude GINEBRE and his daughter Marion Zanatta, for a representation on 3 continents (Europe, Asia, America).

Our Specialties

Petite Périgord Gold




Grain de Noix

Chocolate Factory-Perigord-Sarlat



Is the mother of an Easter egg a chocolate hen?

Children's lyrics

Happy chocolate, which after running the world, through the smile of women, finds death in a tasty kiss and fondant of their mouth.

Anthelme Brillate-Savarion

Chocolate is obviously the matter of which dreams are made. Rich, black, silky and soft dreams that disturb the senses and arouse the passions.

Judith Olney


Caramelized grilled walnuts, dried fruits, good black chocolate and cocoa, are the main ingredients of our delicious chocolate pralines.

Classic or Festive

A range of classic packaging for all varieties:
bags, golden triangle boxes, kraft boxes
And more festive packaging: wooden boxes, heart boxes ...

Counter products
and Other Confectionery

A range of products ideal for counter sales (chocolate bars, cases...)
And other nut-based confectionery specialties.

Raw materials
for Pastry

Nut pastes, hazelnut pastes, pieces or kernels for decoration... a whole range of raw materials intended for pastry chefs, chocolate makers, ice-cream makers.

We have been awarded several times

  • "Best chocolate of France" Paris 1984 Nogaillou
  • "Blue Ribbon" Paris 1988 Walnut Paste
  • "Best packing" Fancy Food show San Francisco CA 1992
  • "Blue Ribbon" Paris 1997 for the Petite Perigord Gold

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