Chocolates with Chardonnay

New 2018: Chocolates with Chardonnay.

A tender chocolate interior, scented with Chardonnay grape wine, coated with dark chocolate and cocoa.

Contains less than 1.2% alcohol.

Ingredients: Black chocolate cover: 72% (cocoa paste, sugar, cocoa butter, emulsifier: lecithin of Soy, natural vanilla flavour), dextrose, varietal wine Chardonnay: 5.2%, invert sugar, grape, caramel (sugar, glucose-fructose syrup, water), cocoa butter, cocoa powder: 2%, sorbitol, emulsifier: Lecithin of Soy.

Can contain traces of: nuts, hazelnuts, almonds, milk.

Chocolates for Valentine's Day

Heart Box Valentine's Day

Harlequin Heart Box Red Velvet

For Valentine's Day, we offer you a box in red velvet shaped heart topped with 150g ofPetite Périgord Gold, to offer without moderation to all the people we love!

This box, among others, will find its place in the shop for all the opportunities to come by the month of June as the Feast of mothers, fathers, grandmothers...

Feel free to place your order, our chocolates are kept for 10 months, and will cover these different occasions without any problem.

Gift Boxes

Some gift boxes from our range

Elle Aquitaine Magazine of 24 November 2017


You can find us inside the special book Aquitaine in the magazine she appeared on November 24th, 2017.

and to prepare for the Christmas holidays that come close, a surprise awaits the readers!


Raw materials for pastry chefs, walnut pasta

When the holidays are approaching, it is high time for our pastry-chocolate friends to supply the raw materials for their Christmas range.

Our walnut pasta, hazelnuts, our walnut kernels for the decor, our pieces of walnut for inclusions, are quite adapted to your developments

These raw materials have been developed according to our know-how in the preparation of the walnut, thus guaranteeing a long conservation, and a high quality taste.

You can check our range Here, or Contact Us For further information.


Walnut Kernels Decor

Walnut Paste-33%

confectioner Walnut Paste 33%

White Box Buckwheat Chocolates

Our new white box is ideal for an international clientele.

In standard version it contains 80 g of chocolates "buckwheat squares", 12 chocolates.

For important quantities, it can be filled with other chocolates. Do not hesitate to Contact, we will study your project together.

Buckwheat Chocolates

White Buckwheat Chocolate Box

Summer Holidays

We wish you all a great summer vacation.

We stay at your service all summer at the usual times and do not close except on August 14th-15th.

You can place your orders according to your habits, but our deadlines are slightly longer.

Fruit Chocolates

The novelty of the summer: Fruit chocolates.

You already know the fruity squares, fine and delicate, now find the pear, the kiwi and the orange in a chocolate and cocoa shell, like the Chocomango.

Available only in a 150 g bag with summer colours, they are already available.

Chocolate Factory-Sarlat

Our videos

Coating of nogaillous


Turbine Coating

Show rooms

Shanghai Exhibition

Visit us in Bakery China 2017 in Shanghai.

We will be glad to introduce you our new products on our booth n° E5K08 from 10th to 13th of May.


Carrés sarrasin

We introduce you our 2017 new chocolate: The Saracen Square.

It's a crispy black chocolate including crispy grilled buckwheat seeds, all decorated with grilled buckwheat