The Domaine de Bequignol

Domaine de Béquignol is a craft company created by Claude GINEBRE in 1972 in Carlux, a small village in the Perigord Noir.

Proud of its terroir, Claude Ginèbre, has started a production activity of fruits with liqueur and spirits based on walnuts, one of the emblems of Périgord. He has developed its know-how in the preparation and stabilization of the fruits.

In 1980, he started to manufacture Chocolates by transposing his fruit preparation techniques to the confectionery. Of course, the "first-born" of the range has been Chocolate Covered Walnuts, Nogaillou and Petite Perigord Gold.

Since then, we have been committed to prepare products that are Good, Original, and Qualitative.

The range of chocolate pralines has continued to expand over the years.

Hazelnuts and almonds logically complemented the series nuts range, then pastes made of dried fruits like prune, mango or recently kiwi, orange, or pear came to enlarge the family.

Today the Domaine de Béquignol is a small company of 6 to 12 people, led by Claude GINEBRE and his daughter Marion Zanatta, for a representation on 3 continents (Europe, Asia, America)

Our Philosophy

  • Only ingredients ofVegetable Origin: Our chocolate pralines are developed exclusively with raw materials of vegetable origin
  • Only Cocoa butter as fat: We do not use any other vegetable fat. No palm oil or any other.
  • The Pure Cocoa Butter Dark Chocolate has been selected for its high quality and refined taste.

Our craftsmanship know-how ensures an original taste quality, far from the standardization of the supermarkets.

Our flexibility ensures you an answer suited to your needs.

We offer you varieties based on Waluts, Hazelnuts, Almonds, Coffee, Grape, Mango, Green Tea, Chesnut, Prune