Chocolates and Confectionnaries

All the products presented here are made in our chocolate factory in Carlux

Chocolates with Walnut

Petite Perigord Gold

Chocolate covered walnuts

arlequines au gianduja

Gianduja covered Walnuts

Walnuts and gianduja



Nuts, caramel, chocolate and cocoa


Shiny Dark Chocolate Nuts

Grain de Noix

Walnuts, caramel, chocolate and buckwheat

bouchées aux noix

Bouchées aux Noix

Kernel and walnut paste, shiny dark chocolate

rochers aux noix

Walnuts Rochers

Walnuts, chocolate, and walnut bites

Other Chocolates

chocolat à la framboise

Raspberry Chocolates

Raspberry and chocolate, raspberry powder

Strawberry and Lemon Chocolate

Strawberry and lemon, chocolate and strawberry powder

Orange Chocolate

Orange, chocolate, and orange powder


Dried mango, chocolate and cocoa

chocolat aux marrons

Chestnut Chocolate

Candied chestnut, chocolate and cocoa

chocolat aux pruneaux


Prune, chocolate and icing sugar

noisettes au chocolat

Chocolate covered Hazelnut

Roasted hazelnuts with chocolate and cocoa

amandes choc

Chocolate covered Almonds

Roasted almonds with chocolate and cocoa


Chocolate, caramel and cocoa

Tender Coffee

Ground coffee, caramel, chocolate and cocoa


Roasted coffee, chocolate and cocoa

Gingerbread Spices Chocolate

Chocolate with spices for Gingerbread


Petit Rocher Gourmet

Buckwheat biscuit covered with dark chocolate ann roasted hazelnuts bites

rochers noisettes

Hazelnuts Rochers

Hazelnuts, chocolates and  roasted hazelnuts bites

Confectionnaries : Roasted nuts and Fruits Pastes

Roasted walnuts

Roasted walnuts with caramelized sugar

noisettes grillées

Roasted Hazelnuts

Roasted and caramelised Hazelnuts

amandes grillées

Roasted Almonds

Roasted and caramelised Almonds

Fruit Pastes

Les Authentiques de Mamyvonne :
Assortment of 4 fruits pastes: Strawberry, Raspberry, Pineapple, Pear-Walnut


Walnut Bars

45g chocolate, caramel and toasted walnut bar


Hazelnut Bars

45g chocolate, caramel and toasted hazelnut bar


Almond Bars

30g chocolate, caramel and toasted almond bar

Petite Perigord Gold sleeves

20g sleeves, 3 chocolate and cocoa nuts


Walnuts Rochers

Sleeves of 3 chocolate, caramel and toasted walnut rochers


Hazelnut Rochers

Sleeves of 3 chocolates, caramel and grilled hazelnut rochers


Grain de Noix Sleeves

21g sleeves, 4 chocolates with walnuts and toasted buckwheat

Bamboo Box 500g

Assortment of 4 varieties

Black box 160g

Assortment 2 chocolates individually wrapped

Assortment box 480g

Assortment of 6 varieties

Ballotin box 70g

Assortment of 2 varieties

Assortment Box 450g

Standard Assortment with 3 bags

Christmas tastes assortment 430g

Assortment with 3 bags in christmas tastes

Yellow fruits assortment

Mix of mango, pear and orange chocolates

Red fruits assortment

Mix of strawberry and raspberry chocolates

The Classics: Bags, Golden Triangles and Kraft Boxes


Golden Triangles

Kraft Boxes

Gift Boxes


The Specific Range Petite Perigord Gold

The Shiny Dark Chocolates

Chocolate products par excellence, shiny chocolates are also the most fragile. The packaging is therefore very specific to protect them.


Bouchées aux Noix

bouchées aux noix

Individual Packagings

Chocolates individually wrapped in gold, silver, beige or transparent films.
They are available in almost all varieties.
They are also customizable with monochrome logo, depending on quantity.



The Personalized


Our Raw Materials

Raw materials from our know-how in the work of dried fruits, intended for pastry chefs, chocolate makers, ice cream makers.

Walnut paste 85%

Walnut paste 75%

Walnut paste 33%

Walnut paste 40%

Walnut pieces 3-10mm

Kernels Decor

Hazelnut paste 85%

Hazelnut paste 75%

Hazelnut paste 33%